Ready to get started with health coaching?
Do you feel completely overwhelmed when walking through the aisles of grocery stores? Do you get lost in all of the nutrition labels and marketing, and are unsure of what foods to select? Do you spend more time in the aisles than walking the perimeter?

Do you label foods as good and as bad? Kale is good. Doughnuts are bad. Nuts are good. All carbs are bad. Green smoothies are good, but French fries are bad.

Are you confused with all the nutrition information out there and have no idea how to apply it to your own diet? Are carbs good for me? How much protein do I need? Should I follow a vegan diet for optimal health and weight loss?

What about cheat days? Do you strive to eat healthy and nourishing meals during the week, but on weekends you eat yourself sick full of all those bad doughnuts, French fries and pastas?

Were you told your pre-diabetic? Is your blood pressure too high? Are you tired of being on medications to treat common ailments and want to wean yourself off them naturally?

Does it feel like no matter what you eat, your health is not improving or the weight just isn’t coming off?

And what in the heck is a chia seed?

Don’t worry; I’ve been there. Nutrition, weight loss, health and wellness are confusing.

As a certified health and wellness, I work with men and women to help them find empowerment and a dietary lifestyle that works for their needs.

I believe in the power of real, nutrient-dense foods. I believe that nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated, and that a diet rich in whole foods can produce lifelong positive results. I believe in consistency over perfection. I believe that everyone should have accurate information, and have the power to choose what is best for them.

My goal is to simplify healthy eating so men and women are able to break-free of dieting and navigate all aspects of their lives confidently.

Coaching focuses on food and nutrition, but also other aspects of health including fitness, relationships, spirituality, careers and more.

I’m currently accepting one-on-one coaching clients. Send me an email to schedule a free one-hour consult:
What all goes into coaching?
Establishing life-long healthy habits doesn't have to be hard. With a health coach, you're guided through the entire process.
  • First, we'll meet to discuss your current health, and all of your goals. Set aside at least 50 minutes for this in-depth conversation. (Schedule that here!)
  • When you decide to pursue health coaching, you register for a six-month program. You meet with your coach twice monthly, to discuss topics like exercise, cooking and even how your career or your relationships affect your overall health.
  • As you go through the program, your health coach will give you suggestions and tricks tailored to your needs and goals. One diet doesn't work for everybody, so with your health coach, you'll narrow in on your nutritional needs.
  • Your coach can provide you with recipes, tips for going through the grocery store, and cooking advice. Your coach will also be able to answer any of your questions regarding dietary theories. 
It's time to start pounding the pavement.
Running is an inclusive sport--regardless of age, gender, speed, anyone can do it. But, for some, it's fearful to get started.
  • A running coach may be right for you if you're looking to boost physical activity or sign up for your first race-from 5K to marathon.
  • Once you've established your personal goals, set up a consultation with the running coach. During this 50-minute conversation, you'll chat about running goals, history, current diet and more. 
  • The program is six months in duration, and you'll chat with the coach twice a month. You'll also be able to contact your coach outside of meetings. 
  • Similar to the holistic approach of health coaching, the run coach will create a tailor-made fitness schedule to help you meet any of your running goals. 
  • The coach can also give you nutritional support, cross training workouts and more.